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jeffpointingJeff Mills is a former Youth Pastor of 9 years, who is now a full time internet marketer, information entrepreneur, book author, speaker, sales coach,  CEO, and also an avid traveler.

Having Sold over $7 Million Dollars of products and services since 2003, Jeff is uniquely qualified to help you grow your business and speaks to people all over the world to help them grow their online businesses and make more money while working less.

Jeff has created his own products about Outsourcing, Facebook Marketing, and Podcasting as well as become a successful affiliate marketer, marketing products of others as a super affiliate doing webinars.

Goldmills Marketing is one of the companies  that Jeff owns, which is a boutique internet marketing consulting company, serving clients in over 68 countries worldwide.

Resorts360 is also one of Jeff’s companies that specialized in travel and lifestyle design.

Jeff’s flagship product is his Social Profit Academy training. This is a course that is deep and extensive giving learners a proven 8 step system for marketing on the Facebook newsfeed with Paid Ads. It’s not a course about sending emails into people private message boxes or spamming people’s walls. It’s a course that gives one the exact steps they need to enter eCommerce with baby steps or a giant cannon ball in to the deep end of the pool and shows people how to sell anything inside the Facebook news feed. Jeff has used the teachings he developed in this course to sell over $1 million dollars of products 100% on Facebook. His students have also combined an additional $1 million in sales volume on Facebook, using his training.

Another popular system Jeff created was his Outsource Secrets Revealed Program. For a limited time, you watch his free videos showing you and teaching you ways you can outsource many of the things you do daily and weekly in your business. You’ll wonder why you waited to so long to start Outsourcing!

Jeff is passionate about Travel! He loves to see the world. He’s sought out the best discount travel clubs and has discovered a great travel club membership with Resorts 360 Travel Club. Discover how you can travel and earn $1000’s in commissions immediately at Resorts 360 Travel Club for a fantastic work from home career that allows people to say in luxury 1, 2 or 3 Bedroom Condos all over the world, starting at $99 per week!

Jeff puts on occasional local internet marketing seminars in Minneapolis and St. Paul where students can learn from top marketers and millionaires at his conferences. Make sure you subscribe to Jeff’s email list to keep up with all his latest webinars, seminars and marketing workshops!

Below is a funny video Jeff and his daughter shot back in 2007, hard to believe how much older Izzy is now, but it’s a cute video.

The BIG Backstory for those who want to go DEEPER!

Enjoy this “throwback” story I did for Joel Comm in one of his books a couple years ago – you just might learn something about Jeff and get a kick in the pants…

With the number of websites growing at a dizzying rate, the gurus realized that the difference between success and failure could be the ability to specialize—to find (or create) a niche. And for most Internet Marketers a niche market would be one that focuses in on a subset of a larger market: not all people who love to fish, but fly fishing in the Rocky Mountains; not all information marketers, but information marketers looking for a guide to selling eBooks by accepting online payments; not just motorcycle enthusiasts, but fans of the Vincent Black Shadow.

Yet at least one guru chose his specialty almost purely on the basis of profit margins—a strategy that would send most people into the poorhouse, but that catapulted him into the outhouse to the penthouse and the highest tax bracket in just a few short months.

I knew I was about to interview a different sort of financial mind when my interview with Jeff Mills started out like this: “Back in 1977, I understood the concept of leverage for the first time when I was sitting in a tree house about thirty feet up in the air in my front yard.” He wasn’t talking about the pulley system/dumbwaiter, either. Mills and his neighborhood buddies used to get together in the tree house every weekend and do Mad Libs and other kid-type things, then trek over to Mr. Toy to buy candy.

They learned early on that they could buy a lot more candy if they pooled their allowances all together. The mastermind concept was born. Continuity and Membership programs were birthed out from that tree house club!

In Junior High, Jeff bought Jolly Ranchers, Laffy Taffy squares for .05 each and sold them for .10 each or 3 for .25 at school. Business on the playground and black top was booming.

Then came the cinnamon toothpick craze of the early 80’s and Jeff was in his kitchen cooking cinnamon toothpicks in cinnamon oil and selling baggies for $1 for 10 sticks (while other kids were selling “other mind altering stuff in other baggies). He experienced his first “slap” when the principle called him into the office and told him no more selling stuff on school grounds. School was for book learning, not selling stuff.

As a teenager, Mills may not have known the word leverage, but he understood the concept.

Amazingly, he didn’t start out on Wall Street.

Instead, in 1999 he was working as a youth pastor in Minneapolis, Minnesota, earning about $32,000 a year with not much hope of ever earning any more. Debt weighed heavily on him from seminary and Bible College tuition, and from making some unwise choices with his credit cards. Mills resigned himself to never again being debt-free unless he won the lottery or ”figured out some super-Jedi investment technique.”

His knew his best option would be to take on a second job, but the ministry took most of his energy and even more of his time. Times were so bad at one point, Mills got a paper route and delivered newspapers at 4:00 am to 8:00 am 14 days a month, just to put an extra $400 on the table.

Though he loved the work, the ministry also left his home life a little chaotic, too: his wife went to one church and was the Children’s Pastor there, he belonged to and served at another, and they shuttled their baby daughter between the two locations; he had his meetings, his wife had hers, and sometimes it seemed as though they saw each other only long enough to say good night and fall exhausted into bed.

He’d heard his friends and parishioners talking about the Internet, and people who were making money online, and thought it was at least worth a shot. Not knowing much about it, Mills signed up for the first thing that sounded promising, a program called AllAdvantage. The premise was simple: sign up for free, and AllAdvantage would put banners on your website.

Every time you clicked on that banner, they paid you ten cents, seven cents, three cents, or a percentage of a penny. The first day Mills sat at the computer for sixteen hours, clicking the banner every chance he could. He made $1.87. Clearly that was not the way to pay off his debts. But it was the humble beginnings that lead him to produce $7 million dollars selling products online to date.

Mills grew up with a Commodore 64, and enjoyed being on the computer, so he didn’t let himself get discouraged. He just dug deeper. Like many Internet Marketers, he quickly discovered the idea of selling other people’s products as an affiliate marketer. And, like many others, he had no list of his own.

He began with safe lists, which were very big at the time, and also mailed to the occasional message board or database. He knew it was just “hit or miss” marketing—throw it against the wall and see what sticks—but he didn’t know of any better way until 2003 when he went to his first event, the “BigSeminar”, held that year in Orlando, Florida by Armand Morin.

There, Mills learned that his first mistake was in not at least holding onto the email addresses he did manage to get when he started buying traffic from Google’s new Pay Per Click search placement services (Adwords).

Each time he had to redo everything, and he was barely breaking even. Not surprisingly, one of the biggest lessons he learned from Jonathan Mizel that very first Big Seminar was this: Build your list! One lesson he didn’t learn, though, was the importance of live events as a way to network with other Internet Marketers.

Being incredibly shy, Mills spent a lot of time hunkered down in his hotel room, thinking that all the others there knew each other and were practiced pros. He did meet and spend some time talking with other though, and years later was able to call many of those members sitting along side of him business partners and friends and he shed his shyness and learned the skill of networking.

Mills made a few moves that year that figured heavily in his success. At the “BigSeminar,” he bought a copywriting course and learned how to write pretty good copy—good enough that he could get the job done. Earlier that year he also signed up for a mentoring program that cost him $500 called Mentors in Motion, and joined on as a reseller and began earning $400 for every person he signed up to take classes helping people grow their MLM and Network marketing business.

That was when he caught onto the fact that it takes just as much work to sell a ten-dollar product as it does to sell a hundred-dollar product. At first he was skeptical that anyone would buy “high-ticket products online, site-unseen,” especially from him as an unknown, considering that even he had debated for days about whether or not to do spend $500 to begin this mentoring program. But he did buy it, and by the next day he had five people introduced to Mentors in Motion; four of them ended up buying, and he made $1,200 in one day. That’s almost fourteen times what he made as a pastor in the same amount of time.

Over the course of a year, he earned $80,000 just on that product alone. That let him devote more quality time—and less quantity—to his youth ministry. His exact thoughts were “Ok, the Lord is giving me the vehicle I need to step out of paid of ministry now, come home to unite my family, do this and work from home.” That was in 2003.

Mills believed 100 percent in the Val Smyth’s Mentors in Motion product, which taught him the foundations of marketing.

He even added a little spin to create his own online system, and did very well with it, called “Who is Marketing”, especially when he realized that if he could sell a $500 product, he could probably sell a $1,000 product. Then he sold a $2,500 product. He’s gone on today to selling$10,000 products and $12,000 to $35,000 personal coaching masterminds.

Mills found his niche: big-ticket products.

One variation on the big-ticket niche is live events. In October 2006, Mills hosted his first seminar, held in Minneapolis called the Midwest Super Conference. Attending multiple “BigSeminars” and taking Armand Morin’s seminar coaching program gave him the background to set up a live event, as did meeting John Chillders, who teaches people public speaking and “platinum selling,” which is selling through talking and teaching.

Part of his reason for hosting an event was that it gave him an opportunity to bring together many of the greatest speakers available; unbelievably, everyone he invited said yes, even though he knew only a few of them personally. The attendance was only a quarter of what Mills expected, but those who did attend apparently found a lot to like: one attendee began generating so much business—over a thousand phone calls per month to his office—that his employees couldn’t handle the volume.

It was also the first time Jeff’s mom and dad got to see and really understand what he did for a living after stepping out of Paid Full time Ministry. Needless to say, they were both impressed and pleasantly shocked their “surfer son from California” had grown up to be a top business coach and consultant!

Mills went on to produce many memorable meetings including The Boost Seminar, Profit Offline, and The ClickBank Masters events.

Over the years, Jeff did many more fun projects and adventures, following the money and the trends as they shifted and shaped the internet as we know it today.

Mills has traveled all over the world as a recognized internet marketing expert and stage speaker. He’s hosted over 500 webinars. Helped 100’s of affiliates launch their products and training systems to his lists of subscribers over 30,000 strong, and in 2011-2013 blew up Mobile Apps with a webinar that produced over $1.5 million in sales and helped Go Mobile Solutions connect to the Internet marketing community and helped that company do over $4 Million dollars in it’s first 18 months online.

And now, as of this posting, Mills is tackling the title of “International Fashion Designer” selling his own clothing apparel on Facebook, producing over $450,000 in just the first 15 months of business. And all of this comes, just because Jeff knows what marketing is… he has no idea about Fashion – just ask his wife!

Today, Mills has started his own Social Travel Company, called Resorts360 and has learned to master Facebook Marketing.

“I can teach anyone to sell anything on Facebook.” Says Mills. In May, 2014, he launched his new product, The Social Profit Academy, which shows people how to sell anything on Facebook for fun and profit.

He has since perfected his craft and internet marketing has become his “super jedi investment technique.” It also turned out to be something that he had done all along, just in a different form. As a youth pastor, he taught kids to follow Jesus. He now teaches the teachers about marketing, webinars, and how to make money from home, living a Lifestyle business that allows you do pretty much… whatever you want. Not a bad investment, indeed.

– thanks again to my mentors… Val Smyth Armand Morin Damien Zamora and many other special people that have come and gone into my life at various times and places! Upwards and onwards!